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What we do
Gudiksen Design is a design company with several areas of business. The primary focus area is product design to larger brand name companies in the category ”Living”. We sell the rights to our designs to the producing companies. Furthermore, we work as consultants with 3D visualizations, graphic design and design of packaging for a large number of both large and small companies. Finally, we provide furniture and interior design articles to the online shop ”The Design gallery Vinza”. The shop deals with quality products of a somewhat wild design. All items are designed by young Danish designers and produced by local craftsmen.

Gudiksen Design is a member of the esteemed Association of Danish Designers.

Who we are
Gudiksen Design was started in the year of 2003 by the brothers Karsten and Jakob Gudiksen. Karsten is 33 years old, and before he started his own business, he worked with graphic design and idea generation for 12 years, so he is an expert in ideas, 3d visualizations and he has a well-developed sense of aesthetics. Jakob is 26 years old, and is a trained toolmaker. He is an expert in problem solving, product development and materials. Their different backgrounds have proven to be a great combination, because they can cover the entire process of designing a product.

The way we work
Even though we are a small company, we can still participate in large assignments. We have a large network of specialists, who are all experts in their own field. We do what we do best, and let our expert-friends do what they do best.

When we work together and combine our qualities, we become a very competent team creating the best ideas. Due to our differences, both the logical and creative part of the brain has been in use when creating these ideas. This means that even though creativity grows, professionalism and necessary structure remain. It is very important to us, that we can communicate with our customers and that we understand each other. So even though we get ideas out of this world, we still live on the same planet as our customers. That is a fact we never forget.

The design process
In our world, the design process is just a small part of a big project. We focus just as much on product development and marketing, as on the thing we normally call design. We feel that the strongest solution is found when focusing on the big picture, rather than a tiny bit.

Our main focus areas
We focus on three main lines of business. Although they may seem very different, we find that they complement each other. Often they overlap when we work for our customers.

Product design   Furniture
                               Industrial design
                               Exhibition design
                               Interior design

3D visualization  Presentations. Analogue or digital.
                               User instructions
                               Product development

Graphic design   Web design
                               Packaging materials
                               Marketing material

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Jonshøjvej 2
8831 Løgstrup
Fax 86 62 25 25
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Jakob Gudiksen
Ind. Designer
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Karsten Gudiksen
Designer MDD
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